Star Control

April Update - You can't trust him (animation)

Published on Wednesday, May 11, 2016 By cuorebrave In Founders Starbase

Hold up, Stardock. We're losing it a bit here with the "You can trust him" animation movie. You guys have to understand... 

When, in the past, you have said you're going for a cartoony look for the aliens, I think I've finally distinguished what I don't agree with about that statement. 

Star Control II WAS NOT CARTOONISH. It was, instead, WHIMSICAL in design. The newest animation just leans too far in the other direction - it looks like a cartoon. A caricature of an alien, a bopping, silly, Pixar cartoon for children. 

While the original Star Control was silly and fun - it was by no means, a cartoon. This distinction must be made going forward. 

The Tywom, imo, had the same flaw. It looked like the sidekick on a baby's show on Sprout. You know the one! The goofy puppet that laughs hysterically when the main human character says something kids think is funny!

The Mukay was different - serious, real looking, like it COULD exist outside of Nickelodeon. It rocks. Same goes for the alien with the sentient Palm Pilot. This You Can Trust Him guy, however, looks like he should be on Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. 

You have to make the distinction. There was nothing cartoony about SCII. It was whimsical! It was irreverent! It was hilarious! But it was invariably serious. Very serious. And that needs to come through. 

Sure the Pkunk design was painted. And it was a weird character and very animated - but mass suicide/genocide at the hands of your long lost evolutionary species brothers-turned-warlords (Yehat) is not for kids.