Star Control

June Update - Vulvalien! Everyone's thoughts?

Published on Thursday, June 30, 2016 By cuorebrave In Founders Starbase

Wow. What a scary lookin vulva-like alien critter! Tongue lashing out like that? Terrifying! Anyone else see that? Or just me? 

Meh. I don't know about the landing. Seems kinda boring if we have to do that simple mini-game every time. Maybe they'll make it fun and interesting somehow? Otherwise, it just sounds stressful for no reason. And... I can't say that I cared much if my lander didn't land on the spot I wanted. Will the stakes somehow be higher this time 'round? Fall into a pit on the surface or something? 

The highlight for me was the alien sketches. They're ingenious (even the suspiciously vag-like slurper in the bottom left!) creative and wonderful. The actual renders have big old Disney cartoon eyes, which I'm hoping changes to the cool-but-still-cartoony eyes in the art! 

The other highlight was that Frogboy FINALLY figured out how to explain the whole multiverse concept in a way that'd not only believable, but compelling as well! Kudos on that, I'm entirely on board!