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Thoughts on July update

Published on Monday, August 1, 2016 By Lone_Utwig In Founders Starbase

First of all I am sorry for not posting comments into relevant threads as I am a bit busy in RL, so I decided to post my thoughts on all points in this single thread if anyone cares to read them.


1.    Tywom Auditions
Chris C and Ben D are my favorites for this race.

2.    Story Cutscene
Before one can give proper feedback it is important to understand the use of the cutscene – do you want to use it as part of into/outro/some midgame event/teaser?
I absolutely love the music and animation style. Current text makes no sense. Why does human year matter if the clip does not deal with humans? If you show humans making first steps with hyperdrive and give indication of the year and THEN say that “in the meantime in star system XXX”….then it makes more sense.

3.    Trandals animation looks nice. Are you sure that they can comfortably hold the ipod with their three fingers? I think that one thinger should be moved to the left a bit.

4.    Music – what does planet pre-battle mean? Is it like encounter screen (fight-talk) from SC2? Pre battle music is awesome. Rocky moon sample rocks.

5.    Music aliens – XRAKI is very special and sounds great, as for DRENKEND it seems to me that the tune is missing something but I cannot spot what. I think that each music for the race should have some hidden gem in it and DRENKEND seem not to be the case.

6.     Combat music. It is fine, but I am not very impressed. I think that melee should have 3-4 tunes in order not to get bored and some should be a bit more action oriented.

7.    New aliens. Man – the new creepy facehugger-grab your ass not nice type of alien looks very impressive. Can we learn species name? I will “workship” Jeff . Trandals bridge looks boring. Pinthi seem interesting. Who are the Measured? Index aliens???

8.    Adding new species. I think that SC will have a lot of replayability. So you can add aliens as you see fit. Or when seeding them there can be an option for seeding them only the planets that have not been visited by the player yet. But in such case not-visited star systems and or planets should be somehow indicated on the star map, solar system map and etc.

9.    Ship design – no comments. Simply great.

10.    I think that if you come up with more ideas/planet types – you should add them in the same way like alien life forms

11.    15 minutes. I think that first 15 minutes should have a bit of everything – some exploration, some fighting, some talking. Remember SC2-starbase talk-landing-fight with damaged Ilwrath ship….

12.    Marketing trailer – I would like to see some interesting short dialog discussing serious thing followed by some Umgah like talk with a different race and followed by some flashes of some other species one might encounter + some navigation in a solar system and ship customization + fights + a bit of exploration. Basically similar to 15 minutes mentioned above but in just 2,5 minutes or so.

+ Can we get some high quality artwork to use as backgrounds?