Star Control

Planet Exploration

Published on Friday, September 2, 2016 By RonPimpster In Founders Starbase

One of the many reasons why I love Star Control is the fact that it is not "3D" first person view.

For folks like myself who have motion sickness, we avoid games that are all 3D first person or even just tilted angled in a weird way.    The motion sickness largely comes from the center point constantly changing.    In the old Star Control, the center point doesn't always 'constantly' change.  It only changes when your ship reaches the edges of the screen.   It has wiggle room to move around on the screen.    *Skyrim for instance ALWAYS moves when the 'center point moves.   Warcraft isn't as bad as you can adjust the camera angle and move out to 3rd person but anyways different discussion.


The problem I see with Planet Exploration is that you've now made it a 3D experience looking at your ship and controlling it as if it's a racing car game practically.


The old game was purely top down with the entire planet as a FLAT map.  You move to the edge of the top map it wraps around to the bottom like a planet should of course.  But the point is it is still a top down game.     Super Melee was top down.   Planet Exploration was a mini game top down.    Both games play like an arcade game.


When you make a game that is BOTH 3D race car like game and a top down super melee.   You've now cancelled out the people who are playing Star Control 2 originally for what it was. a purely 2D top down experience.

To simply put it.   I hate the current Planet Exploration design.   I may not play this game entirely or might play it but the experience is not going to be satisfying with this form of Planet Exploration.

Just bring back the OLD planet exploration TOP DOWN.  Make it pretty. BUT keep the old format the way it was.   Not a race car game.