Star Control

Time to Name your Planet

Published on Thursday, September 8, 2016 By IBNobody In Founders Starbase

Greetings, Lifetime Founder!

Thank you for your support of Star Control. The time for you to make your mark on the universe has arrived - that's right, it's time to name a planet!

In order to submit, you must be logged in with the Stardock account that you purchased the Founder's Lifetime Edition with.

While we encourage silly and wild names (this is Star Control, after all), we ask that you please use your best judgment when submitting. We will deny any submissions containing offensive or inappropriate content, as well as submissions containing copyrighted or trademarked material.

Submissions end on October 14, 2016. Please see the "Name a Planet" page for all official rules and details. We're looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

1. Only ONE entry per user. You may change your entry once it has been submitted, but it will need to be re-approved.

2. Any inappropriate, trademarked, or copyrighted content will result in the entire entry being rejected.

3. If your entry is rejected, you may re-submit your entry. However, Stardock reserves the right to lock out any user who abuses this system or who submits deliberately offensive content.

4. Planet names are limited to 16 letters/numbers/spaces (no punctuation, please), and will be converted to title case in-game (only first letter capitalized).

5. Numbers and punctuation are acceptable in first, last, or screen names.



16 letters... Hmm...

How about...






Anyway... What are your planet names going to be?