Star Control

Problem with super melee!

Published on Wednesday, September 21, 2016 By TheUr-quanMaster In Founders Starbase

"We realized that the game was going to sink or swim based on its single player based Super Melee and we found it super frustrating to rely on up to 2 AI controlled “allies” to help you out.   Every AI thinks its Leroy Jenkins at one point of other.  So it’s a 1 on 1 affair, similar to the classic series."


Wait, what about playing as your allied races ships?! The coolest part of the Star Controls franchise was playing as not only your flagship, but as your allied ships as well! The awesome opportunities for strategym, like "Should I use an Orz to murder this ur-quan dreadnought, or should I throw in my sacrificial Zot-Fot-Pick and hope for a successful tongue attack? Your flagship was essentially a mothership, with a "fleet" of allies.

The whole tone you took with super melee seems to indicate a much more single approach were it is just your ship, with perhaps a few AI allies, helping you fight the fight. I fear this is a fatal mistake wich needs to be corrected at once.

Your ship is supposed to be massive, a carrier of sorts. This universal theme has been present in the most recent two Star Control games. The most exciting part of completing your essential alien quests is the ability to add that race to your fleet! Your flagship is only meant as a last resort at the beginning of the game, or at the end as the most powerful ace up your sleeve.

I beg you, star control origins development team, to fix this flaw before it is to late! Or if this is all just a huge misunderstanding (which I hope it is) please enlighten my fevered mind.