Star Control

Hey all

Published on Thursday, October 20, 2016 By hedonismdiet In Founders Starbase

I'd go around posting on all the topics, but I don't know yet if I'll be restricted again as a new account. Anyway, the trailer looks awesome, really polished. The preproduction stuff too - I think the iPhone aliens are going to be my favorite. I like that someone on the team referenced "lousy Smarch weather" in the filename. The music that's been released sounds excellent, and the guy still has the same recognizable signature to his music after like 20 years. I was especially fond of that mixolydian "dialogue" track, and happy that there will be more ambient planet exploration tracks. Overall, there does seem to be something with character brewing here, and I'm not too concerned about the lack of the classic aliens.

I should mention that upon seeing the title, my friend groaned and said "They went with an Origins subtitle? Is the next one gonna be Star Control: Rising?" However, he did agree that the game looked cool.

I don't usually get hyped for video games... Especially considering how lame they've been the past few years... But I'm excite.