Star Control

October Vault is up!

Published on Monday, October 31, 2016 By Alverez In Founders Starbase

Time for some new chatter.

Edit:   1) Points for the SC2 map.  I used to spend hours looking at it.  Amazing bit of art.  Liking where you are going with the Origins map.

2) Good has won the day.  I agree 100% with the outcome of the super melee wars.  It keeps the feel of the original game.  With all the changes that are being made it's nice to have something connecting this all back to the original series.

3) Ships are looking good.  Having the weapons simple is good.  You can grab any ship and do something with it, but you can spend some time and learn to use it effectively I'm really happy you kept the cruiser but updated it. 

4) Fun >> on time.   No question.  I'll accept delays over a half-@#$ feature any day of the week.