Star Control

Ability ideas

Published on Tuesday, November 1, 2016 By HenriHakl In Founders Starbase

Since there was a call for suggestions, naturally we should deliver.

Some thoughts upfront: given that multi-ship combat is a planned feature, there should be more abilities that allow for interaction between multiple ships.


Asymmetrical Area Matrix 
Secondary ability
7 second cooldown
Low energy cost
Fires a pulse that travels while button is held, on release the pulse becomes stationary but expands into a relatively large circle that lasts 60 seconds. Friendly ships inside the AOE only take half-damage from all sources, enemy ships inside the AOE take double-damage from all sources.

Flux Pulse
Primary ability
2 second cooldown
Low energy cost
(Ties into Flux Relocate below.) Shoots a relatively slow but sizable energy vortex, the vortex can travel over ships (it does not stop on impact). Significantly slows and deals damage while touching an enemy ship. Far range, lasts for up to 15 seconds, up to 4 Flux Pulses can exist simultaneously (otherwise the oldest ends if a new one is fired).

Flux Relocate
Secondary ability
1 second cooldown 
Medium energy cost
(Ties into Flux Pulse above.) When activating this ability, the ship instantly teleports to the current location of the most recent active Flux Pulse. The Flux Pulse in question ends. Keep in mind that multiple Flux Pulses may be active at the same time; thereby allowing the ship to jump from Flux to Flux in succession.

Note: Flux Pulse & Flux Relocate is a set of abilities that is probably best suited to a ship with high turn-rate but low acceleration/speed.

Hard Projection
Secondary ability
10 second cooldown
High energy cost
On activating this ability, the ship immediately comes to a complete standstill (including not firing primary ability) and remains that way until the secondary ability is activated again. A holographic projection of the ship continues flying and is controllable just like the original (including firing primary weapon). The projection cannot be damaged (but the original, stationary ship can be damaged as normal). Visually it is obvious that the projection is not the real ship. The projection lasts until the source ship is destroyed, or until the secondary ability is activated again.

Phantom Defense
Secondary ability, passive 
5 second cooldown
No energy cost
When an enemy is hit by the ship's primary attack, then an illusion-copy of the ship is instantiated that orbits the main ship. Up to 3 such illusions may be present at a time and they last 20 seconds each. Whenever the ship sustains any damage, one of the illusions is destroyed instead of taking damage. If no illusions exist to take the damage, the ship is damaged as normal.

Divine Retribution Cannon
Primary ability 
2 second cooldown
Medium energy cost
Ordinary projectile weapon that deals more damage the less crew is on the ship. Scales linearly to 4x more damage with only 1 crew on the ship.