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Similarities in the Artstyles between Star Control and Wildstar and contact info for the Wildstar Artist

Published on Wednesday, November 30, 2016 By cwrightc84 In Founders Starbase

Thanks for releasing the November Vault,


After seeing the intro video and the concept art of the female commander, the artstyle of the game looks very similar to that of the MMORPG Wildstar.  I don't see this as a bad thing, I very much enjoyed Wildstar at launch but unfortunately the game was ruined by micro-transactions and the producer/developer's alienation of the majority playerbase in favor of hardore raiders.


As a note about Wildstar, although the artstyle of the game was very Disney (as Starcontrol seems to be following), the main story was pretty serious.  There was some messed up stuff that happened in Wildstar, mainly dealing with horrific experiments on several sentient beings.  I just wanted to note this because just because Starcontrol goes down the Pixar/Disney art route does not mean that the game will not attempt to tackle complex and more mature themes.


Here is some Wildstar Concept Art to showcase the similarities:


^ In game render, looks pretty much just like the female commander concept in SC:0

For the SC Team:

The concept artist that did all of the work for Wildstar is Garrett Hanna and he seems like he has a large amount of experience with this kind of artstyle.

If this is useful for the team or you all are short on artists, he is freelance and his portfolio + contact information is here:

Just for fun, check this out:

This is from the wildstar character creator, compare that to the female commander render and I swear we are playing the same game.