Star Control

SavageMind November Feedback

Published on Friday, December 2, 2016 By SavageMind1 In Founders Starbase

Video: Interesting, I look forward to seeing what is next. It's very basic, as it's still young in the build so beyond the storyline concept, I have no other comments about it.

Spinal issue: I can help remove your spinal column. I found a nifty trick I picked up from a Predator movie.

Tools: I hope the quest editor presented was not the only incarnation. The other tools well we will see them when we get them.

Particle Effects: Neat, but lets see.

Alien fonts: Should these be fonts we find, which may bring up issues with usage rights or fonts we create ourselves which would be kinda cool.

3D Backgrounds: I like the painted backgrounds and the commander BTW. If 3D backgrounds are going to be a resource hog, I'd rather make it up with storyline and graphic enhancements elsewhere. If less than 1/3 of the time is in alien interaction screens I can and would be very happy with great 2D backgrounds.

Planets: What can I say? I just hate them. Before I wasn't sure how I felt, now I know. It's tough noogies for me, I know that. I just can't stand the idea of exploring a planet with a lander 1/20 the size of the planet. I looks like a matchbox car rolling on a soccer ball. The exaggerated surface features of the moon make the craters look like they are 100 miles across. Sorry I have a hard time getting behind this part.

Upcoming Schedule: I would rather definitive short term schedule for the next phase than rolling out the speculative schedule to May.