Star Control

SavageMind January 17

Published on Friday, February 3, 2017 By SavageMind1 In Founders Starbase

Music files: They are neat and what I expected, but nothing I'm going to write home to mom about. NDA stops that.

Staffing woes: Oh well, it's nothing anyone can do about it but Stardock. 

Game Engine: Tailoring a engine to work with a product it wasn't specifically designed while a headache, is better than trying to create a whole new engine. If you already spent the money on it why waste it?

Modding tools: I wasn't that impressed with quest editor. Will all the editors be incorporated into one toolset or we have to make a build off of each editor/maker and cobble it together?

Super Melee: We will see, when we get our hands on it, whether it is good or not. Even then it won't be complete so only time will tell.

Story talk: I like the current female commander. You can email her to me if she needs a place to stay one you give her the boot.

Please tell me the Precursors are NOT evolved, six legged cows, with elephant feet and no prehensile appendages. SC3 ruined my whole outlook on them and I feel dirty thinking about it.