Star Control

SavageMind Feb/Mar Feedback.

Published on Sunday, March 5, 2017 By SavageMind1 In Founders Starbase

  1. What is Star Control? – Decent explanation keeping with multiverses allows for a good amount of expansion of current and future storylines. I just hope the original creators regardless of involvement agree.

  2. Super Melee- While still in infancy, it’s still neat. Barring the issues, being able to tweak the ships and environment via xml is cool. I however see a class system about to be created by the devs for the Founders which may cause some tension within the ranks especially if there are founders who feel the contributions are being ignored or not addressed.

  3. The Story- Interesting storyline. It is reminiscent of the SC2, fight with the first Ilwrath Avenger. Some people have mentioned in chat that they won’t play a game where your forced into a “death clock” situation. I completely support the idea. The point of all the incarnations is survival.

  4. The Creatures- Having different levels of rarity could make collecting interesting. Does this mean we could have a Melnorme presence or at least a similar type of bartering system in this incarnation?

  5. The Planets- Yeah Rainbow worlds! I’m glad they survive this incarnation. While I see percentages of each type, will this be able to be adjusted by mod makers in the future?

  6. The Adventure Editor- it’s ok and I have played with it some. I wonder how this will be tied into the rest of the mod tools. Are there going to be separate tools for each aspect or an all-inclusive mod tool with plugins that allow you to do all in one mod builds? At the Universal Maker part of the update it infers that it is all in one.  

  7. Planet Exploration- I have been a huge fan of this. I started with Starflight series, then SC and a few others, but planet exploration is always awesome to me. From the screen shot I have seen, the perspective has be pulled in a little bit so you’re not seeing clear over the horizon.  I like the radar idea. I wonder if later on, there could be a scan and dig possibility for minerals. That is one of the things I didn’t like on SC2. I guess it was presumed you dug for the minerals when you drove over them. Here it appears you run into a floating mineral deposit.

  8. Landers, Obstacles, etc.- Neat idea, keeping with the previous type collection and value system for planet gained “booty” keeps it interesting, as long as it doesn’t become a huge farming project. Read most game reviews about these types of “farming” required game and you will see people either find a way to cheat or just get bored and stop as it is boring.

  9. Starbases- I love this idea and some would tend to disagree (I don’t really care), I think once you discover a base and take it over, you should have to keep a small fleet to protect it.  This gives that SC1 feel to it as well. Will fast traveling have a fuel consumption? It should even if it is a reduced mount. Will these starbases offer a towing service for the chucklehead captain that runs him/herself out of fuel?

  10. Expectations and Schedules- We will see it when it comes, I see all these things being fluid as there seems to be other projects that SD has taken as priority over this game. When and if this project becomes, a major focus is about the time when the schedule will be realistic in my view.

  11. Concept Art- -hmmmmmm love concept art.