Star Control

Distribution ideas and the desire to have my review count.

Published on Saturday, June 3, 2017 By Larsenex In Founders Starbase


So after a few articles it is clear that Stardock is actually hurting itself by rewarding its most loyal clients with beta access. Those of us (including myself) who have purchased into the Lifetime Founder package would normally get access to this game and others somewhere in the Beta process. By having this access we founders are not unable to have our review count on Steam. Its complete and utter crap as Steam 'thinking' that we somehow got access to the game for free when in fact we did not. 


So what are the solutions? I was actually thinking about it last night. 

  • Can (the game developer) create 2 different executable's~ one for beta that is flagged and then at launch we get a 'new one' that says and flags us a 'purchased thru steam'?
  • Can we as founders create two accounts on steam and submit both to (the game developer)? << This sounds slightly illegal but I am not sure if the effort to track thousands of accounts for players is worth it, however if enough of us were willing to create all new steam accounts for this it may help. 
  • Petition steam to change its review policy to allow distributors who grant betas to have those reviews count? This is not something I know where to start at but would be willing to do it. 

In the end it is obvious that a company which rewards its customers with early access to help it create a better game is actually going to hurt it sales if it chooses to use Steam as its distribution platform. 

With that said, I as a founder would be willing to  completely give up beta/early access to SCO if it means I get to review on steam and my review would count. I want this game and all of Stardock's (games) to be successful and reviewed honestly. By removing the folks most qualified to give honest reviews Steam is arbitrarily hurting its customers sales.