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Multiplayer Custom Ships

Published on Saturday, June 10, 2017 By IBNobody In Founders Starbase

There has been talk recently of allowing custom ships in SuperMelee. If that is the case, SM MUST have a setting to play matches using only default, in-game ships. If that is not implemented, I will never play online.


Let's assume that we will have the option to play default OR custom ship matches, though...

I continue to have significant reservations with the idea of custom multiplayer ships. Mainly, I think Brad is wrong in thinking that the custom ship SuperMelee meta will be diverse.

The idea that Brad floated by was that custom ships would have a pick from a list of armaments. Each armament would have a point cost. There may be other costs as well, like energy consumption, weight, etc. 

That sounds like fun on a casual level, but on a competitive level, it will not be fun AT ALL.


The ships are all going to be the same once the meta settles. Top tier players are going to build ships that they can use to beat all opponents.

Here's why this will happen:

  • The game system itself is simple. This isn't GalCiv. There is only one type of damage. 
  • There are not enough hard counters to abilities. (See my Human Cruiser discussion.)
  • Ships are limited in the number of abilities they can have.
  • You only fight against one ship type at a time.
  • You can choose your strengths. You can choose your weaknesses.
  • Good piloting negates many weaknesses.

If the plan to allow custom ships continues, I am interested in seeing how these points get addressed. 

Alternately... If Stardock says that custom ship SuperMelee is just for funsies and the real focus is on default ship play, I am okay with any custom mode imbalances.