Star Control

Playable Alpha For Founders

Published on Thursday, August 24, 2017 By Apolutrosis In Founders Starbase

Hello, fellow Star Control colleagues. 

I'll never forget playing SC1 and SC2 back in the day.  Great times, I'm truly grateful that Stardock has taken up the burden of continuing the story, in their own way, and sharing it with new fans.  Even my kids love SC2, but I'm looking forward to sharing a more modern take on concept with them.

Anyway, when I paid to be a Founder, it sort of seemed to me that by doing so I'd have access to some sort of Alpha.  I figured it would be Starbound-esque in the 'pay-to-play prior to the official release' fashion.  I know it's early (and now I know that the plan is for September of 2018), but I was hoping for at least something.  Is it something that I'm missing, or do only a select few testers get the current build?  Please forgive me if I'm missing something, I'm not quite the gamer anymore that I once was.

I'm happy to support the game, but I probably wouldn't have paid $100 for it just to get a few PDFs, if I had known better.  Take it easy on my, I'm not trying to be difficult, I'm just asking.  I spent dozens if not hundreds of hours exploring the stars, looking for Rainbow worlds back in the day.  I can be patient, I was just wondering if I was missing something.