Star Control


Published on Wednesday, October 4, 2017 By Maogan In Founders Starbase

In everything you've posted so far to the vault, and in updates, there's only one thing that really gives me pause.




That breaks the 4th wall I have with this project.


Any chance you could change the name to Jeph or something?  I completely get what you're trying to do with the funny name pun, but it really messes with my head.  Having some big powerful alien with the name Jeff is odd to me.  Spell it funky (which I usually hate and think of as a cheap excuse for creativity, but I'm making an exception this time to try and honor your original intent with the name.).  Call it Jeph and let people laugh to themselves when they say it aloud in their head, thinking themselves clever.  It won't translate into other languages as funny either, so it's primarily an English speaking pun.


I don't want to wander the cosmos and meet Jeff.


The concept is fine, just not the name.


My opinion is completely my own. Thanks for listening!