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Scavenger Race Suggestions: Martakeelan Corporation (Vol's Submission)

Published on Monday, October 30, 2017 By Volusianus In Star Control Ideas/Wishes

On Discord this evening, Frogboy suggested that he wants ideas for a scavenger race that the newly proposed Scavenger ship belongs to:



"The art team hates me.


Because it means we'll ahve to add a new ship.

That scavenges.

So you guys need to come up with a new race."


So as a result, I've come up with a rough submission to fill this scavenger role.



Name: Martakeelan Corporation

Homeworld: The Flotilla (Unknown)

Genus: Unknown (Biomechanical in nature)

Physical Description: As the Martakeelan are not a single race, there is no real uniform appearance for any single member. Typically, the Martakeelan are so heavily mechanically modified that they might as well be chrome-domed robots. Some are wearing simple headgear that takes over their higher functions, while others may be a living tank. Some have multiple tentacles and other limbs from their previous bodies still tethered to their shells, while others are mostly internally replaced. 


Eons ago, the Mar of Martak (Beta Glycinis IIa) nuked themselves into oblivion. That sucked. However, some survived. These survivors were augmented miners, laborers, farmers, all professions that got dirty and worked with their...claws. Their augments saved them, and so with little else to hold onto, the Mar built a new culture centered around the maintenance and worship of their cybernetic augmentations.

Of course, this new culture demanded the use of all available scrap. Technology only progressed so far as to improve the Mar’s ability to build bigger and better augments. This meant one of two things would happen every time they encountered a new neighbor: They either destroyed them and scavenged the remains for scrap, or they traded augment technology for parts. As they continued this practice, those too weak to defend themselves would be assimilated into the culture, and those who resisted were slagged. 

Soon, the Mar met the Eelan, a mercantile race who perchance experienced a similar nuclear holocaust. Eelan, however, elected leaders based solely on how many augments they possessed, and how physically large they were. This appealed to the Mar, and the two soon merged to become the Martakeelan Corporation.

Over the next several thousands of years, they conquered and consumed hundreds of civilizations, and their nomadic fleet grew into a flotilla so immense that it generated its own gravity well. Small planets began orbiting the flotilla, one of which had a race of stone age primitives developing on it.

Recently, scouting parties of the Martakeelan Corporation arrived in the local region of space to search for scrap-rich worlds and civilizations. Anyone and everyone is fair game to them, but they might be willing to part with a few of their ships or components for the right price.

Mar:   Mar Image


Eelan: Eelan Image


Martakeelan Prospector

24 crew

20 energy

Medium size, low speed, high turn rate

Generates 1 energy every 3 seconds

Primary: Scrap gun: Fired in a wide (but short) cone in front of itself, the scrap gun is a nuisance to anyone unfortunate enough to be hit by it. (5 energy per shot, adds force to the victim, pushing them back, 1 damage per pellet. Fires 5 tiny projectiles in a cone.)

Secondary: Scavenge: (Brad):“Based on type, provides a fleet buff upon collecting.” (Pretty sure this means asteroids/nebulas/ship debris/ etc each provide different buffs)