Star Control

Scavenger faction: Red ⅄ (pirates)

Published on Wednesday, November 1, 2017 By Rhonin_the_wizard In Star Control Ideas/Wishes

Since I have zero originality this is the best I could come up with.

Name: Red ⅄

System: Precursor starbase, also some forces near systems with planet bound species

Short description

A Scryve captain got bored of her job and set out to become a pirate lord, gathering a motley crew of aliens, finding a precursor artifact and praying on planet bound aliens along the way.


A captain of a Scryve ship got bored with endless jobs of guard duty and border patrol so she decided to become a pirate lord. After convincing her crew to join her, after throwing out the airlock those who disagreed, she took her ship and left Scryve territory. First thing they did was stop by the Measured and Drenkend homeworlds to requisition some ships, they did not know the ship and crew had defected.

Going further away from Scryve space they stumbled upon a precursor starbase along with an artifact. The artifact was installed on the Scryve ship, now know as Glorious Carnage, and it increased all the stats of the ship making it more deadly.

Soon they encountered a band of Phamysht raiders who hat gotten their fill of the food in their core systems and wanted to try something new. The Red ⅄ made a proposal to Phamysht they could eat whatever prisoners they captured in exchange for the loot on their ships or face destruction. Outnumbered the raiders agreed to the deal, salivating all the while.

Embolden by these success the pirates set out and captured ships from the Tywom and Mu'kay, those that surrendered were given the choice of joining the pirate crew or be eaten by the Phamysht. They preferred not to be eaten, to the dismay of the Phamysht. Also Menk-Mack might have joined for fun and profits.

The Red ⅄ pirates survived for a very long time by avoiding Scryve patrols and preying on the weak, namely species that did not poses starships. The deal was simple in exchange for tribute, in the form of resources and the occasional sacrifice to satiate the Phamysht, their cities would not be destroyed from orbit.

Fleet makeup

Main fleet: Scryve ship with precursor module, 2 Measured ships, 4 Drenkend ships, 2 Tywom ships, 2 Mu'kay ships

Phamysht group: 1 Phamysht, 1 Measured, 2 Drenkend, 2 random from Tywom/Mu'kay/Menk-Mack

Small group: 1 Drenkend, 2 random Tywom/Mu'kay/Menk-Mack

All ships, except the Glorious Carnage, have scavenge as their second ability and the species default ability as the first

Player interaction

The player can learn about the pirate group from different alien groups, planet bound species that complain about them.

When meeting a group they are not attacked on sight, first a "space tax" is requested, if payment is declined than the pirates attack.

After encountering the group and learning of the deserting Scryve you could report them to the Measured or Scryve. The Scryve thank you be not destroying you and state they will deal with it, eventually. The Measured would mention there is a reward for the death of deserters, 100000 RU.

Ending the pirate group

Direct method: simply hunt down the main fleet, first you have to defeat the escorting ships and then the Glorious Carnage, and the Phamysht fleets, I think 4 would be a good enough number, and the group is dead. Of course this would not be easy.

Complicated method:

- to remove the Drenkend and Measured you have to travel to the Measured central office and obtain a paper to recall them, of course the first time they give you one just for the Measured and you to have to travel back and request one for the Drenkend as well

- for the Tywom and Mu'kay you have to defeat the Phamysht fleets and they will hastily defect the pirate group

- the Menk-Mack could be bribed with a large enough sum, but isn't really necessary, since if you defeat the Glorious Carnage and Phamysht groups the pirate crew disbands

- if you do everything the main fleet is reduced to Glorious Carnage and 2 Drenkend ships

Secret method (spoilers) :  if you have Scryve helmet and Menk-Mack ship you can order the Drenkend and Measured to attack the pirates, this would destroy the Phamysht groups and reduce the main fleet to just the Scryve ship at half health

With the destruction of the pirate group you get the precursor artifact which is a module for the main ship that boost all stats, the precursor starbase is now accessible and you can go to the Measured for the bounty.

Turns out that only members of the Scryve Empire can claim bounties, but they still congratulate you. And inform you that if your species joins the Empire you are still eligible for that reward.