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Star Control Origins Beta

Published on Thursday, November 16, 2017 By mausolos In Star Control

I'm a hardcore SC2 player. I bought the original game on floppies soon after it came out, the first game I actually bought, ever. I played it so many times over the years that when I eventually lost the map, I was still able to get in consistently by just knowing enough star coordinates from memory. Now that I've established my otaku credentials...

I am looooooving the new melee, in the context that it is a beta and will only get better. Here are some things I'd love to see:

  • Melee just isn't melee without at least the original, core SC1 ships, if not the whole complement of SC2 ships.
  • While I find the new battleground concept intriguing (the asteroid barrier, etc), I have some thoughts:
    • It should be a much bigger battleground for the current scale of ships, planet, planet gravity and ship vectors
    • You should be able to toggle back to something at least similar to the SC2 battlefield, as there was a lot of strategies specific to that wrap-around style (like accelerating to infinity and beyond via gravity slingshot)
  • Where's the cool little alien pilots doing their thing in the sidebar as you fly the ships?! That's classic!!
  • The fleet editor is a little clunky. Consider allowing use of the "delete" key to remove the first (or selected) ship
  • The earth ship missiles used to have much better tracking and range, making that ship at all playable. Granted, new earth ship does seem much faster and more maneuverable, but if you just can't hit anything, what's the point? You used to be able to compensate for the maneuverability by slingshotting the planet before you were completely destroyed (example of the benefits of the old style battlefield), then time the launching of your missiles etc. Currently the ship is almost useless
  • A vs. game mode that somehow allows players to ban a ship type and adjust their fleet to adjust for a banned ship type would be very nice
  • A "quickie" vs. game mode that allows a smaller max of points would be very cool (maybe 20 pts? So if you choose a big bad, you had better be VERY good at it)
  • Where's the "?" ship selection when in battle?! Bring it back!!
  • Some ships deploy stuff - it would be nice to have an indicator of how many whatevers out of however many possible whatevers have been deployed, even if it's just a vague meter.
  • Something seems off with the planet gravity.. it's just not quite right?

As for crafting.. I have a lot of questions, but my first main frustration with it is that I don't see any controls to turn the perspective of the whole ship around, so I can see if I truly have everything lined up correctly.

Lastly, thank you sooooooooooo much for bringing this back! I've seriously waited almost 25 years for this!