Star Control

Planet bound species: Yssaians

Published on Wednesday, November 22, 2017 By Rhonin_the_wizard In Star Control Ideas/Wishes

I came up with an idea for a planet bound species using the old Measured model.


The Yssaians live in complex tunnel systems under the surface of their homeworld. While their legs are practically useless for walking, they are extremely fast in their tunnels using their long arms to move around. Also do not let their looks deceive you, their bodies are surprisingly strong and their favorite sport is wrestling. Having said that, outside of their tunnels they are easy targets for predators, thanks to their near useless legs, thus they prefer the safety of the underground. Their tunnels are also practically labyrinths to outsiders.

The hair on their face actually grows out of their nose equivalent and acts as a filter for all the dust and other particles that can be found in the tunnels. These hairs are also extremely sensitive and provide information on anything that is brought in contact with them. This compensates for their very weak eyesight, underground the only source of light are glowing fungus like organisms. They routinely use their small appendage to clean their nose hair of debris that gets stuck in it.

Technology in some areas they are advanced, they have entire underground metropolises and have created very advanced air recyclers to keep up with needs of their growing population. They do not have space ships, preferring living underneath the surface of their planet.

While not officially subjects of the Scryve Empire, the Scryve have abducted some members of the species to use as cheap labor in mines, thanks to the Yssaians natural talent at digging.