Star Control

Feedback on Fleet Battle Beta

Published on Saturday, November 25, 2017 By Starkillr In Star Control

As a long time Star Control fan, wanted to give my feedback on the fleet battle beta.


  • For the various ships, we need to understand what each weapon/alternate weapon does and how much damage it does (I suppose in crew terms). Right now there's no information that I saw that informs the player on the speed of the ship, acceleration, or turning, which is all very important
  • I don't like that we're trapped in a circle with damaging asteroids all around the edges. The joy of Star Control 2 super melee was flying around like crazy and having full freedom. This circle just limits the gameplay and gives an advantage to bulkier ships since they can hang out and blast away and you can't evade them as easily
  • The ships don't have enough personality. I actually just started up a new game of Star Con 2 to remind myself of how awesome the ship battles are and it doesn't disappoint. Spathi make a farting noise when they shoot out their BUTT missiles, Ur-Quan have their fearsome blast sound when they shoot their big gun and the cool sound effect for the fighters, and the Orz send out their space men with a "GO GO GO". Also can't forget the Pkunk who insult you while refilling their energy. I'm not getting any of that from these ships except perhaps the Pinth or whatever it's called. It easily has the most personality with it's crazy organic look and weird mini-me's it spawns
  • Some of the ships have components that move around and wiggle when they fly which is distracting and frankly weird. Asides from mr. organic, I wouldn't expect your ship to wiggle around that much! Also graphically it isn't doing it for me, though I don't know where you are in terms of art passes on these ships
  • The ship builder needs to divide each of the components in a logical fashion. So a tab for engines, main hull, bridge, guns, etc. Also would love a stronger sense of "is this hull stronger than this one?" "what about this engine or this weapon?"
  • Very few of the weapons and battle effects feel impactful. I know that's a vague term, but just play Star Con 2 and compare those ships to yours and ask yourself if you get the same feel for the ships as you battle it out. Where's a cool transformer like the Mmnrhm (or whatever those crazy robots are called)? There so much variety to what the Star Con 2 ships did vs what I played just now

That's it for now. Thanks and keep cranking away!