Star Control

Ship Mounts

Published on Wednesday, November 29, 2017 By gihren In Star Control

The mounts for ships is a bit wonky.  Ok, a lot wonky.

* Some ship pieces have engines included.  In fact, they emit signs of thrust when you move.  Why do we need engine mounts if pieces already have engines?  Can Stardock make an on/off button for whether a piece is an engine (and/or toggle it to be a thruster) rather than require a mount that messes up how my ship looks?

* Some pieces look like guns.  In fact, they are.  But purely cosmetic.  Can Stardock just let us toggle them on/off and what type of gun they are rather than making an assymetrical ship with one gun?  Also, some thrusters look like they could be guns (along the lines of a fusion cannon).  Again, a toggle.

*Alternatively, can you allow us to add many visible guns that all shoot, but reduce each shot's damage so they have to each hit to matter?  This would also be great for multiple angles (like the Pkunk had) or let the beam wave use two emitters to regulate the size.

In short, I think there are ways around the hardpoint system currently in use.  Just let us tell you how fast it accelerates and goes in a similar manner, but without adding a visual piece when we choose.    Also, it'd be nice to have a good way to judge the scale of your ship.  I thought I made a tiny ship, but it wound up being pretty mid-size.