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Scavenger Race Idea: The Maggentram Conglomerate

Published on Thursday, December 7, 2017 By ShadeMeadows In Star Control Ideas/Wishes

Species: The Maggentram Conglomerate

Race: Robotic

Homeplanet: Merggem


Short Version: A race of A.Is inhabits different robotic bodies after an old experiment by the planet's original inhabitants (also their creators) froze the planet and killed all sentient lifeforms, now the A.Is scour the galaxy for resources that are diminishing on the planet.


Backstory: Many centuries ago, in the water rich planet of Merggem, a race of rock-like amphibians had an advanced society based mainly on A.I, automatons and underwater machines, this was because, after million and million of years of evolution, the species became slow due to an increase in the size and weight of their rock-like shells (that happened due to the planet becoming warmer, needing the species to develop bigger protective shells), making them dependent on machines to help them with their activities, mainly in mobility and water-based work, such as mining.

As the decades passed, the planet became warmer and warmer, many started to die due to overheating, this problem had become a world-wide health risk, prompting the race to start a world-wide effort to cool the planet, the "Winter bomb" project started after it was proven that the global warming was increasing at an accelerated rate, a few years after the "Great overheat" was known in the entire planet, the project was moved into full force, but risks grew every year it passed, they needed to get the project right, because failing could also be a world-wide health risk.

The A.Is (that lived peacefully with the race) were not completely involved with the project, as even though the planet never had a problem with A.I rebelling, the threat still existed, so no A.I was made to help with the core of the project, A.I only helped with minor things like, minor calculations, forging and mining material for the project, this world-wide project made with the effort of both the race and their A.Is took centuries, but finally it was completed.

Tragedy struck however, as in the day of the "Winter bomb" detonation, the bomb went haywire, due to an unknown energy source emanating from near their own star, no time to investigate was had however, the bomb went off in full force, slowly but steadily, freezing the entire world.

after 200 years, the last of the planet's race died, only leaving a frozen wasteland with few lifeforms that survived underwater or in the already frozen areas, that is, lifeforms, the A.Is survived the planet freeze, after all, they were made to survive underwater and in cold/warm temperatures, but the Automatons, the non-A.I robots, had stopped working, batteries finally having run out without maintenance, but with their chassis still in working order, the A.Is started transferring their minds into the many and many robot bodies around the world, having completed the transfer, they looked upon the now almost dead frozen world and declared themselves the "Maggentram Conglomerate" an agglomerate of different kind of robots with the mind of A.Is from around the world.

After Centuries living like that, useful resources like metal, gasses, and oil began to diminish, needing to keep not only their "host" bodies repaired and charged, they also needed to repair and upgrade their A.I cores, this need drove them to space, to look for more resources in other planets and asteroids, after a long journey, the mish-mash of the "Maggentram Conglomerate" did detect life, but they avoid it if possible, they made a rule however, if they do contact a species, they will offer their services, in trade for parts and materials, such is now the life of the new "lifeforms" of Merggem "The Maggentram Conglomerate"