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Scavenger Race : The Hobum

Published on Friday, December 8, 2017 By EmperorZA In Star Control Ideas/Wishes

Hobum - Star Control Fan Art

Scavenger Race The Hobum

A race of nomadic, sentient,  land squid/snake/molusk creatures.  They have a natural camouflage ability that helped the race survive the horrors of their home-world predators.  

They are natives of Scryve space but have been forcefully removed from their homeworld.  Now the Hobum wonder the stars, scavenging derelict precursor bases and star ship graveyards to survive.

Star Ship DesignThe Scrap Ship

A hop scotch of welded together old ship parts, the Scrap Ship has a devastating short-range welding cannon. Most of the ship is welded and bolted together haphazardly and the main bodies are secured together with scaffolding.  The scrap ship can also launch rigging crews that home in on and attach themselves to enemy ships while trying to dismantle them during spaceflight.

Hobum Scrap Ship

Former HomeworldHobumint

Before they were forcefully evicted.  The Hobum lived happily on their lush, tropical, rain forest, home planet they refer to as Hobumint.

Government Type Anarchist

In the words of a famous Hobum Rebel, "The Hobum, like, don't conform to the rigid rules and regulations of goverment, man.".  The Scryve are partly to blame for their hatred of organised government.

Hobum History : The Age of Pilnuts

The Hobums evolved on a lush, tropical, rain-forest world called hobumint.  They did not have a single government, being nomadic beings they gathered in very small tribes across the planet and respected tribal law.  Which could be very different from tribe to tribe. 

The Age of Pilnuts began when a derelict precursor craft crash landed on the planet.  A genius among the Hobum, the only inventor and scientist of the time... Pilnuts happened upon the crashed spaceship and spent nearly his entire lifetime trying to discover its purpose.  

One day, Pilnuts spilled his favourite beverage, Gomrom Juice, on one of the alien panels. While he was cleaning the mess he accidentally turned on the ship's AI, which contained a vast store of precursor knowledge.  It was not long before Pilnuts was exploring the local star system and all the Hobums rejoiced.

Detecting strange signals from one of their star systems, the Scryve sent a scout and were horrified at the primitive life form joy riding across Scryve space in an advanced although dirty and mishappen precursor space craft. The scout ship accidently blew itself up in surprise allowing Pilnuts too escape.

Pilnuts, emboldened by his discovery of sentient alien life amongst the stars and an incredible sense of wanderlust... gathered his tribe and took too the stars in search of old precursor caches, bases and starship graveyards.

However the luck of the Hobum race wouldn't last forever.  When Pilnuts returned home with a flagship and a small fleet of spacecraft. His entire race had been murdered by a Scryve Squadron.  Thus ends the Age of Pilnuts.