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Scavenger Race : The Karr'eb-Za

Published on Monday, December 11, 2017 By EmperorZA In Star Control Ideas/Wishes

Sentient Humanoid/Frog/Spider Machine Race

Scavenger Race : The Karr'eb-Za

The Karr'eb-Za are a sentient humanoid/frog/spider machine race who are extremely hostile.  They are so enamored by technology that they spend most of their time integrating it into their own bodies.  They consider non-cyborg races totally inferior and repulsive. For all their cybernetics they still believe it is taboo to enhance their sentience with Artificial Intelligence.

Star ship Design Web Wing

Karr'eb-Za Web Wing Star ship picture

The Karr'eb-Za Web Wing star ship functions are a high speed raiding vessel.  It is armed with four rapid fire machine plasma cannons and a reflective kinetic shield that, while active reflects all incoming and nearby moving projectiles.

Home world Karr'arb-Na

The Karr'eb-Za home world is completely uninhabitable without unnatural and extensive life support facilities called Gen domes.  The resources on the planet are utterly exhausted as well, so when the Karr'eb-Za aren't mining asteroids, they are often raiding the other races they believe are inferior.  The other races also provide a vital supply of nutritional sustenance.

The atmosphere is so thick with smog and pollutants, violent thunder storms plague the planet.  The Karr'eb-Za harness the thunder storms with large facilities called Narb generators. 


The Karr'eb-Za possess a naturally hive-like mentality.  Their government is ruled by the 12 great Houses.  Each House is ruled by a Queen mother who is responsible for her brood.  The brood law is the same for each house and punishment is brutal.  Any deviation from common Karr'eb-Za practice or questioning the authority of the Queen mother can mean death.  The 12 Queens are large and immobile but communicate with each other through the use of technology.