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Scavenger Race : The Jessect

Published on Friday, December 15, 2017 By EmperorZA In Star Control Ideas/Wishes

Scavenger Race : Jessect Picture

Race DescriptionThe Jessect

The Jessect are a race of Feminine insectoids.  Most of their bodies are covered in a hard carapace whilst the rest them is covered in a thin flexible shell.  The Jessect are able to breed with other sentient races and can release enticing pheromones to ensnare unwilling mates.  Each Jessect are constantly looking for new species to mate with to evolve and improve their own genetic tree.  However different Jessect can look from one another, their primary DNA is undeniably Jessect. and they can never lose their insectoid features.

Star Ship DesignThe Beetle

Beetle Star Ship Design Picture

The Beetle is a beetle shaped star ship with two pairs of wings on the back and two pairs of legs connected to weapon pods.  The front pair of weapon pods fire a short-medium range resonance graviton wave that violently shakes enemy ships, breaking them apart.  The rear pair of weapon pods fire long range missiles, the wings open up on the missiles as they leave the missile pods to guide the missiles towards the enemy ships.

Home World Jes'etia

The Jessect come from a small, warm and arid world they call Jes'etia.  It is a wondrous utopia, with sparkling oasis side cities and plentiful indigenous wildlife.  Beyond the beauty, there are many large slave camps of 'willing' pheromone junkies who handle the unwanted jobs on Jes'etia.

 Governance and Society 

The Jessect are ruled by a single Queen from a predetermined lineage.  The Royal family jealously procure new alien slaves which they add to their Jessect Harem to ensure their genetic sovereignty. 

The male Jessect are raised exclusively as a warrior caste regardless of their family status, however high ranking positions are still only reserved for female Jessect.