Star Control

Modding Concerns

Published on Wednesday, December 20, 2017 By Kohr-Ah_Death In Founders Starbase

The first part will be my most current concern while a bit later I'll mull over what's already been discussed on the Discord.

The ship creator. It's not very intuitive as-is (obviously as it's beta) but I feel I should voice the issue about being able to properly build and configure ships faithfully from UQM.

There are quite a few on Steam Workshop already that are decent facsimiles for the time being. But that's all they are, facsimiles. I wouldn't use *any* of them for a final release of a theoretical UQM mod for Origins.

I can see the issue may be with the hard points, possibly move to a non-hard point system where parts can be placed willy-nilly a la SPORE or go for a hybrid system where you have hard points but can hold down a key to place a part wherever the hell you want.

Not to mention how the hell we're going to make the Sa-Matra.

I'm also hoping for the possibility of importing models, be it ship parts or entire ships so that we could get a nicely polished final look.

This would also go a long way to possibly recreating the comm screens in 3D instead of recording the animation output of PNG files.

Maybe even a basic mesh editor/creator just so we can create custom shapes.

Like I said earlier, as is the ship creator is going to fall short of being able to create any of the more unique UQM vessels. Like the Orz with it's user controlled turret position.

tl;dr The ship editor needs more in-depth editing and the possibility to import custom models.