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Pantaur Race

Published on Sunday, December 24, 2017 By EmperorZA In Star Control Ideas/Wishes

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The Pantaur Race

An ancient race of beastly people that resemble a chimera humanoid panther.  The Pantaur are a race who are fixated on traditions and honor. 

Pantaur Homeworld

Pantaura is a large temperate oxygen rich world which orbits twin stars and has two small moons.  The Pantaur have built large pyramid structures all over the planet and some archaeologists speculate some sort of connection between them and ancient human civilization. 

Pantaur Society

The Pantaur are ruled by an Emperor who's power is absolute.  The title of Emperor is handed down to each first son of the royal family.  The Emperor rules over an oligarchy of Pharaohs who govern the city states of the Pantaur Empire. The Pantaur people revere the royal family as though they are gods and often pray to idols in their likeness. 

Pantaur society can be divided up into several castes: The Royal Family, Nobility, Commoners and Indentured Servants. Commoners can be further divided up into several specialized castes, Pantaur families traditionally take on the same work as their parents.