Star Control

Ship Design Contest 2017

Published on Wednesday, December 27, 2017 By SchismNavigator In Star Control

Announcing the Winners - Ship Design Contest Winter 2017

On the 19th of December we asked you to send us your best ship designs. Today, I can reveal that the space elves (Altarians) have finished their work and we can announce the winners of our ship design contest for Star Control: Origins!

These were judged by three members of our community team here at Stardock. Factors included the aesthetic value, the controls, weapon selection and any lore or background flavor text that may have been included with the design. Remember, only one prize for one ship per person.

We will be reaching out to the winners and runner-ups to select which game(s) key(s) they would like from our prize pool. Please do not be alarmed by the strange buzzing sound coming from our automated delivery drone.

1st Place

J.T.X. Mk.1 by Haomaicl

Rhonin: Favorite ship, really like haomaicl designs, I especially love the color scheme and design of this one.

MindlessMe: The J.T.X. Mk 1 is a great ship. The overall design of the ship is great and it maneuvers well in space. The weapons compliment the look and feel of the ship. In the end its a great design to play with.

Schism: A beautiful design with a very chaotic but fun method of attack. Usually I am not fond of the gravity weapon but the distinct profile and speed boost help to line black holes up

2nd Place

The Core by ShadeDark

Rhonin: Love the way it plays, wish the rings would rotate.

MindlessMe: While the design is unorthodox, The Core was a fun ship to play with. I thought the compact design would make it difficult to orient in space but surprisingly it wasn't an issue. The weapons really fit the aesthetic and made the ship feel like a true alien powerhouse.

Schism: This ship is evil. It looks evil, flies malevolently and attacks like the abyss. Only wish it was animated somehow.

3rd Place

Berr-kin Mace by Blasphememetic

Rhonin: Design is interesting, I liked the backstory created for this ship.

MindlessMe: A lot of people resonate with sleek designs but there's something about the Berr-kin Mace that makes it feel powerful. The weapons on the ship definitely help in that regard as well. It's definitely a ship you feel comfortable going to battle in.

Schism: This ship screams aggression, with a broad unapologetic profile and a combination of beam weapon and mines. Just great fun and distinguishes from the Core.

1st Runner-up

Optic Destroyer1 by Ghap


Rhonin: I actually wasn’t a fan of this one until I played with it in the game. But after I really liked how the ship plays and looks.

MindlessMe: It's an obelisk in space. Seriously though, I feel like someone was standing there staring at a C&C style obelisk and thought "I bet we could attach rockets to that thing".Thus the space obelisk was born. The ship design is pretty and it packs a heck of a punch. Overall a fun design to play with.

Schism: This ship could have seen itself in the top three winners. The use of fighters to compliment the powerful beam weapon is devastating and its design definitely highlights the forward facing weapon.

2nd Runner-up

Sniper by ShYariv

Rhonin: The design is reminiscent of the Druuge from Ur-Quan Masters.

MindlessMe: While The Sniper is a simplistic design, it fares pretty well in battle. I feel like the ship truly lives up to its name in the weapons at its disposal. Overall fun to play with and resulted in some interesting wins.

Schism: Not as powerful as some of the other ships in this list but quick and dart-like in action. The use of a close range scout shot really helps to highlight the ships intended purpose to engage at a stand-off range.

Honourable Mentions


Pantaur Flagship by EmperorZA

The design is similar to that of a turtle. The AI was more efficient with it than I was.


Eye by Kzer

I really liked the design of the Eye. It looks very alien and foreign so it will always win points with me. Aside from the design the weapons and maneuverability of the ship solidified its place in my honorable mention.


Strogg Immolator by Ashog

The Strogg Immolator is a great little ship that in another round of ships may have taken one of the winning spots. It has a great compact look and a good use of weapons making it a sniper with a strong close range deterrent.