Star Control

Thoughts on Kessari Quadrant

Published on Tuesday, January 2, 2018 By Rhonin_the_wizard In Star Control II

I started to play Kessari Quadrant, also known as Star Control 3, here are my thoughts so far:

  • not a fan of the moving star map, glad it can be paused, neither of the fact that it's 3D considering that it is displayed in 2D
  • I dislike that they use the same dialog lines from SC2, I understand it is for the benefit of new players to learn about the returning species, but they could have at least changed it up some more
  • if hyper space travel broke down how can the Crux species travel between stars?
  • from the little that I explored the map feels empty, I think the absence of planet exploration plays a part in this and from the how much fuel is needed to travel I always have to go to a system with a colony
  • I actually like the colony system for the most part, it is a little cumbersome to grasp how it works, I would have liked if the level of the facilities was displayed somewhere and that I would be able to choose what the factory was building
  • I would have liked it if I could place notes for planets to essentially earmark them as colonies for specific species
  • I like it that artifacts have to be researched before they can be used
  • it would have been nice if the absence of the Yehat and Shofixti was explained, I understand why the Druuge weren't invited. And who's bright idea was it to bring along the Mycon, Orz and VUX?
  • a bit sad the flagship can't be modified as in SC2
  • the puppets aren't bothering me that much, sure the Spathi and Syreen are disturbing, the Daktaklakpak and VUX aren't that bad
  • I am really bothered that they use the word sentient in place of sapient