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Fleet Battle Wreckage

Published on Monday, February 19, 2018 By cuorebrave In Founders Starbase

So we've been talking on the Discord about Fleet Battles, and an idea arose there (that's arisen before, but hasn't gotten much response), that a few of us were expanding upon, and I wanted to post it here, so it doesn't get lost in endless Discord chatter. 

Persistent Fleet Battle Wreckage

Pyro started the concept back up, with a random comment:

"However I'm the crazy one who would love to see the remnants of ships left behind in fleet battles to alter how the battle plays out, both by being a hinderance [sic] to flying but also a potential explosion waiting to happen if the fuel from the ship(s) get lit by weapons fire."

Then a cavalcade of suggestions followed, regarding the wreckage of previously fallen ships. Some wreckage could just be inert, there to block fire or the flight of ships... but more interestingly:

  • The wreckage of the human cruiser, if fired upon or nudged, would sometimes cause a leftover missile to fire off and be ballistic-locking onto the first thing it can find
  • A Mowling ship wreckage could send off a final automated distress call for Jeff, who would arrive and just go aggro on everyone because a Mowling is dead
  • The Pinthi carcass, if hit, could squeeze out one last burp of contagion on anyone nearby
  • A destroyed Trickster could have the gravity pulse drive ruptured, but still functional, constantly going off like an anti-planet (gravity bumping everyone away)
  • The Tywom debris could have a still semi-active turret firing on ships that come within range

This would really add a layer of fun and strategy, but also not contradict the arcade feel of the combat, and spice up the fleet battles in a real way.

What do other people think? Some more suggestions on what the wreckage of the other ships could do? Refinement of these? Could be a really fun addition, beyond wormholes and asteroids!!