Star Control

Ship Creator improvement checklist

Published on Thursday, February 22, 2018 By Kohr-Ah_Death In Founders Starbase

This is a collection of things that I believe would improve the enjoyment of the ship creation process.

  1. Being able to flip parts before placing them

  2. As an extension of Number 1: Being able to switch which hardpoint you'd like the part to be placed as.
    (One example is that there's a wing in the part list where its hardpoint is exactly the opposite of the logical placement)

  3. Editable textboxes for each slider to give more fine control of post-part placement.
    (If I could have set the slider to any value between 2 and 3% this saucer would have lined up perfectly)

  4. Individually colorable parts. Meaning I can select a part and change just that part's color.

  5. Labeling for all of the parts and mount-points.
    I had to place all of the mount-points on a sphere just to figure out what was what. That is way far into unintuitive.

  6. Re-sizable and/or Hide-able weapons, engines, and thrusters.
    I was creating what amounted to be a Black Spathi starship only to find out the weapon, engine, and thruster pods are fricken huge
    This looks ridiculous:  EXAMPLE_01

  7. Being able to change the direction a weapon is fired.
    Right now we can change which direction a weapon is faced but it does nothing about the direction in which it is fired.

  8. An arrow or visual to show the ships forward direction.
    Nothing sucks more than having to reconfigure an entire ship just because you accidentally built it backwards.

  9. Add ability to change textures

  10. (Wishful thinking) Add a minimalist 3D mesh editor to create your own parts

  11. Add ability to take a snapshot of your own ship icon.
    At this moment the automatic one is a bit drunk and gives me garbled icons: EXAMPLE_01
    I had some success creating my own icon using Photoshop and replacing the garbled one in the Designs directory: EXAMPLE_02

  12. Add ability to change engine, thruster, and weapon sound effects

  13. Add ability to adjust the size and length of ion trail.
    Even to the point of hiding it, but not making it so long you could play a game of Snake