Star Control

E-mails to the Scyrve Empire

Published on Thursday, March 22, 2018 By Kelfka In Star Control

Dear Emperor or Empress,

Please acknowledge my most sincere salutations and congratulate you on your 8000 years rule of this sector.

It has come to my attention that your glorious empire has recently begun a search and destroy project of my home planet. To be honest, I can somewhat understand why you would want to keep us from expanding beyond our solar system.  After all, we are, to this day, still fighting and killing each other over the limited resources of our single planet, we have not yet been able to form a unified government and a good portion of our population still has difficulty finding food.  You could say that we are in a perpetual civil-war. We must seem pretty barbaric for an advanced civilization like yours with 8000 years of history and culture. I wouldn't want us as a neighbors either.

But even with our home problems we still managed to up-lift ourselves. Maybe you see a little of yourselves in us and this is why you what to destroy us. But before you begin this endeavor you will need to understand some things about us.

First, is that a top human official has qualified you as the malevolent Scyrve Empire. Now, do not worry, we place prefix before a name when we find them interesting and are worth noticing. And the malevolent term may seem harsh at first but a lot of famous human historical characters were considered malevolent at the time but they are now more remembered today for their military and political brilliance than their evil acts. A few example would be: Genghis Khan, Napoleon Bonaparte, Julius Caesar and Hannibal Barca. So...coming from us, the word "malevolent" could be seen a term of future endearment. If you ever come across a human library look them up. And while your'e there check out the Art of War by Sun Tzu.

Second: We have a saying on Earth: "Misery loves company". We may be at each other throats all the time. But we have a tendency to band together against common enemies. Forgetting centuries old hatred when the survival of all is at stake. This means you will not find many allies in humans in your mission to destroy our planet.

Third is, a famous author named Homer once said "Men grow tired of sleep, love, singing and dancing sooner than war." That could not be more true. We simply never tire of it. We make art, movies, books, sports, board games, video games, war games, simulations, ect, all centered around conflict and war. Even what we call the Olympic games, the games peace an togetherness, were first created as a means to show-off the prowess of soldiers. A good percentage of our population's livelihood depends on conflicts happening all over the globe. Past wars are remembered, celebrated, studied, reenacted for fun and sometimes even repeated. We are so fixated by conflict that when we are at peace we feel the need to simulate war. Although...their was a single time where the soldiers had enough and stop fighting in mass, defying the orders of their superior officers. But that was only an anomaly and it only lasted a couple of days. 

Fourth: We're out of bubble gum.

If after these arguments you are still adamant on destroying us, than let me give you a piece of advice: "Simply leave us alone". We have been on a self destruct countdown for the last century and if we continue like that we will make the Earth uninhabitable and destroy ourselves. But if you intervene, things will change on our little blue ball. We will finally realize that we are not alone and an other sentient beings loves conflict as much as we do.

Kind regards

Samuel Rodrigez