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Weapon Modding Feedback

Published on Monday, March 26, 2018 By Inferno83 In Founders Starbase

After playing around with the weapon files for a while now and it is a lot of fun. Here is some feedback on what needs a bit of TLC for modding:

  1. Current weapon mods integrate with core SCO files which means mods are lost after an update. Please adjust the framework so all mod files are segregated.
  2. When figuring out what needs to be modded, there is just way too many files that need to be touched to add new effects. It doesn't necessarily need to an editor to manage the changes, at least a validation tool would be useful to check nothing has been missed.
  3. Currently missing items cause in game crashes with the only identifier being a hash string.
  4. Docs or unfilled XML templates for each XML file type would be great, with each possible attribute described.
  5. Need a way to be able to put in custom/standalone sound effects.

Minor bugs (or undocumented features):

  1. 'num' attribute for the BOLA type (or any for that matter) can be set to greater than 2, but you only ever see 2 projectiles. Turns out the extra projectiles stack on the primary bullet.
  2. Also on the 'num' attribute - if set to 2, it locks in that only 2 projectiles (i.e. one firing) can be in flight. No more are released until the first shot completes its duration. Setting it to 3 gets around this, but then introduces item 1

I had more bugs, but have forgotten them right now. Will add more when I remember.

Other improvements in weapon defs and ship editor:

  1. Flag to have projectiles ignore ship inertia
  2. Support more than one weapon mount.
  3. Weapons to honour mounting direction of weapons in the ship editor.
  4. If item 3 isn't done, then define direction of fire for weapons.
  5. Define a weapon direction fire pattern - think sprinkler (start angle, angle increments per shot).
  6. Motion randomisation fields - better drunken missiles, also for creating an equivalent to the Androsynth bubbles.
  7. Acceleration factor for weapons
  8. Delayed acceleration - build for missiles which lock on, orientate, then fire.
  9. Turrets to expire after limited number of shots - would solve item 8.
  10. Define a randomisation or oscillation pattern for beam weapons. Think Ghostbusters proton beam, or a laser whip.

More feedback to come. For those who haven't seen it yet, a couple of examples of what can be done with mods to existing weapons:

Helix Cannon

Helix Cannon