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Questions about the value of OCing your processor.

Published on Wednesday, April 18, 2018 By Larsenex In Personal Computing


I currently have my 8700K over clocked to 4.7. This is the 'burst' or turbo speed it runs at when under load. I set the 'resting' state speed at 4.5. I am not sure what the terminology. 


Is there a value in pushing the over clock to 4.9 or even 5.0? I am using Corsairs H110i water cooler. 


I understand that speed will mean a few frame rates of improvement in game but is it worth it for the extra heat wear the processor will be doing over its life? 


Jaffo >> Do you over clock and if so where do you rest the OC at? Is there value in pushing it so high that my water cooler fans are always on? 

Right now my fans come on when I am under a heavy load or (turn 330 with 15 ai left on an insane map in Gal civ), << even then the turn times are flipping FAST compared to a year ago! << but that is another topic....