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Star Control: Origins Prelude 1 of 13 - The Living Universe

Published on Friday, June 29, 2018 By Frogboy In Star Control Journals


We now have an official release day: September 20, 2018!  Almost five years since we began our adventure with Star Control. 

For this occasion we have begun to number these journal entries to count up to week 13, which is when the game gets released!

13 weeks...Not much time.  So even though it's a Sunday as I write this, and my birthday, I'm pleased to share this blog to let you know where we are.

The Living Universe

You are the captain.  This is your story....


Your story happens within a much larger universe.  One that is being simulated many times per second. 

Star Control is an RPG. But under the covers, there is a lot of strategy game-like AI to make the various empires behave how you would expect them to behave.  Empires will grow. Empires will shrink.  Your actions will have dire consequences for some, and be a tremendous boon for others.  It just depends on your choices.

That said, I personally get skeptical when I see "living universe" type claims from games these days. I'm jaded. I suspect some of you are too.  So let me walk you through, specifically, what I mean by that.

Star Control is not a strategy game. Not even a little bit.

We are best known for our strategy games.  Galactic Civilizations and Sins of a Solar Empire, for example.  We have a lot of experience on those types of games.  That's why when we began development for Star Control: Origins, we brought in a lot of new people, people familiar with RPGs, and talented writers who understand what Star Control is supposed to be: an epic adventure filled with colorful characters, meaningful choices, and most of all, great writing.

But our strategy game experience has been very beneficial, because it allows us to look at the setting from a grand strategic point of view.  For example:


The Drenkend are one of the empires in the Scryve sector of the mid-Spur region of space (where we live).  They don't simply have a single ship. That would make no sense. They have freighters, haulers, transports, personal transports, security (sort of like police), as well as various types of military ships.

The same is true with the Scryve, who are the main power of the Scryve sector (the name of the sector gives it away):


And here's the MuKay:


These are 3 of the many species that are just doing their thing. Powered by AI, they will run from danger, fight each other, ignore you, or pursue you. It all depends on what their job is.

I don't know about you guy,s but when I play a game in a "living world," I expect to see someone delivering goods and services, people traveling, businesses doing...well, business.   Does that mean each of these ships you intercept will have some sort of "kill the space rats in the space basement" quest? No. Most of them have no interest in you. They have their own thing.

What I can say is that what they do is not random.  It's more akin, to borrow a popular show analogy, to Westworld.  You, the player, are the butterfly effect in this universe.  You are the only random element in our...harmony.



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