Star Control

Founders Chapter 1 Update -- August 10th

Published on Friday, August 10, 2018 By shaw In Founders Starbase

Hey folks,

We just posted an update to the Chapter 1 build.  Here's a summary of the changes 


  • Lots of new stamps.
  • Fixed more props to better align to surfaces
  • Changed small rocks to align w/ the terrain.  
  • Remove reduced planet wind speed, heat damage and toxicity values


  • Setting up toxic, wind, and heat resistances differently, so that it takes away from the total level, not a percentage of damage.
  • Drones now blow up if you get too close
  • Adjustments to campaign starting point and camera starting distance.
  • Implemented new warning bars on dangerous planets and fixed alignment and sizing of controls on right hand side as things were inconsistent and altered crew and fuel tooltips.
  • Venus should now show some protection against hear (grey part of bar) and complete against the toxic gasses (grey covering the red parts of the bar)
  • Docking bays provide more space
  • Hyperdrive Accelerator count increased to 5 (was 4)
  • Added a Hyperdrive Accelerator II
  • Balance pass at Lander components.


  • Ship ring now spins slowly
  • Added some new VFX variations


  • Cleaned up controller support Custom Game Setup screen
  • Timed autosave now keep the last three save games (so you'll have saves from 5, 10, and 15 minutes ago)
  • Added in animated background to starbases, Added in faction names on hypergate map,
  • Fixed mouse input problems for fleet battles
  • Added controller support for the Codex Panel
  • Don't pop the dialog scene multiple times when dialog is done
  • Don't allow the user to keep pressing number keys to progress dialog once they've picked an option for that set
  • Fixed a bug where it appeared you had no crew left when in reality you had just their arms and legs.  
  • Fixed typos
  • You can now toggle Sector Map with the M key
  • Mousewheel on planets behaves like 1, 2, 3, 4 to change the camera mode.
  • Added new loading screen art.

Fleet Battles (Adventure / Stand Alone)

  • Added pilot image for the Scryve probe
  • Got rid of the dorky "Player 1 AI" checkbox and allows you to just press on the "Human Control" button to switch. Also fixes controller compatibility related to toggling player 1
  • Player can choose the AI difficulty of both ai players in AI vs AI fleet battles
  • Lowered projectile speed of Scout Laser, Gattling Laser & Heavy Gattling Laser to match Rapid Laser. Increased damage of Torpedeo.
  • Changed Drenkend Bomber's weapons, lowered collision box and increased battery regen.