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Star Control: Origins - Ship Design Contest 2 Winners

Published on Wednesday, August 29, 2018 By SchismNavigator In Star Control


On the 3rd of August, we asked you to give us your best and most original ideas yet using the ship designer in Star Control: Origins. The contest up until the 20th of August and now we can happily announce the top three winners of the contest.

T'MPAR Explorer Class by SavageMind1

Entrant Description

The T'mpar are an enigmatic race of explorers and historians. The only known references to them are held by a group of Mowling seers. It is said that their ships have the ability to use a "phase shields" allowing them to avoid damage during combat and exploration.  This gives them the ability to explore areas not accessible to other races.  While a peaceful race, they understand that sometimes diplomacy requires a hammer. So they equip dual phasic cannons, that produces moderate damage to targets. The ship is highly automated so the crew compliment is lower. The "nodes" act as both ambient energy collectors and phase shield emitters.

Judge Notes

An impressive ship made by SavageMind. The dual shot with a shield is classic Lexite design whilst having a dark and foreboding cosmetic design. The added lore behind the ship is what helped drive this one to be one of our three winners.


Harmony by haomaicl

Entrant Description

Project Harmony, collective wisdom of Alliance. Wish to bring the true peace though out the universe. The project can only be activated by full agreements from all members of Alliance Council. Harmony Force is only active for peacekeeping missions.

Judge Notes

Haomaicl has already made a name for themselves in the community as one of the most impressive ship designers. The Harmony only helps solidify an already impressive portfolio. With this entry, we get a huge dash of mecha-style ship design with not just one, but four variants expressing the different forms.


Inamorata Strike Ship by jadotch

Entrant Description

Background: Owned by a race that prefers isolation and keeping out of galactic politics. They will trade with others after some convincing. However, every few years, when the twin stars of their home systems align, they become extremely hostile (to the point of a completely different personality) and strike with a full out military offensive on a randomly selected solar system. Then the revert to their isolationist way as if nothing happened. (Earth scientists think it could be related to a mating season of sorts, or perhaps a religious ceremony.)  Every now and then a straggler gets left behind wondering the void with no intention of returning to their homeworld with the claimed have been enlightened and freed.

I just put a race in for fun. I am not that tied to the race nor is the ship.

Ship: This Strike Ship is known for waiting at a long range then dashing in to make a point-blank strike, then quickly retreating to a safe distance to repeat it again.

Intended Playstyle: Hit and Run play style or a strafing run type play. It should be quick to accelerate, slow to turn. Equipped with a high powered forward facing weapon of shorter range.

Judge Notes

This design really stood out as something symmetric but functional looking. Although the weapon modules are technically “placeholder” it performs shockingly well with the speed to get a good firing solution for the death ray.


Honourable Mentions

The Fibrillator by MGWolfstone

This was a smart little ship with some real staying power in battle and a nice write up on the original thread.

Tumble-Bunny Bomber by BionicDance

Something designed as an almost slow bomber. I liked its pseudo-bunny ear design.

Sword of Damocles by Avernion

This came close to being one of our winners. It is a stocky, traditional warship which feels a little like a Klingon ship in design and function.


What Happens Next

Thank you to everyone who entered this contest. Look out for your ships being included in our regular fan spotlights. The three winners above will be included in Star Control: Origins releasing on September 20th.