Star Control

Wow! I’m So Excited

Published on Monday, September 10, 2018 By Hunter328 In Star Control

I had no idea this game was even a real thing, let alone so close to release.  Star Control 2 I still consider the best game I’ve ever played.  From the main campaign (which I enjoyed so much I struggled through playing it on a computer so underpowered that subspace travel from one end of the map to another could take close to two hours (I’d actually crank up the volume so I could hear an alerts and then go do something else)) to the Melee mode everything was awesome.  I was in high school back then and got a couple of my friends playing it too (the first time I watched my friend playing on his father’s new computer and saw that a trip that I thought normally should take over an hour to complete took like a minute I was floored) and we’d poor over that huge map and consult each other over what was happening, where rainbow worlds were, etc.  Even my non gaming friends got into Melee and we’d spend hours playing that.  We’d draft teams of ships and have tournaments.  Man, such good memories of that game.

So I was completely shocked and happy when I stumbled across an upcoming games article and saw SC Origins not only on the list but just around the corner.  

Other than reading that a console release is planned to follow soon after the pc release though I haven’t been able to find any for info on the console version(s).  Unfortunately the computer I have today is even more underpowered compared to today’s gaming PCs than my old computer was to my friend’s for SC 2.  But I do have all three current consoles.  

Have they said which consoles the game will be released on or given a more precise time frame as to when that would happen?  It wouldn’t matter to me whether it was on Xbox or PlayStation or both but I’d actually really like it most if it was coming to Switch.  That’s the one I have the least games for, plus having the ability to play the game anywhere would be great, of course as long as the game could run on Switch without a lot of compromising.

Well, where ever I end up playing it, I can’t wait and I’m sure it’ll be great.  I fell in love with the series from the first when playing the original on Sega Genesis.  Then was blown away by how epic a game could be with SC 2.  SC 3, eh, not so much, although my friends and I still had a blast with it’s Melee mode and the new ships.

Thank you to everyone involved in making this happen.  I am one happy camper.