Star Control

Persistent Navigation/Fuel Calc in Hyperspace

Published on Friday, September 21, 2018 By ProtoJek In Star Control

Just like when I first got Star Control 2, I spent most of the day playing yesterday. The experience is great and I love the game. EXCEPT...

When I'm travelling through Hyperspace, and I have a destination plugged in, ANY interruption kicks me out of the navigation route (including, I believe, opening my menu) and I have to go back and figure out what star I'm going to and plug it back in. Normally, this would be just a nuisance, but last night it happened to me in Scryve space, and then as I went back to the Sector Map to put my coordinates back in, I kept getting attacked by Scryve ships (game doesn't pause when going to sector map.) This was a HUGE pain in the ass. 

Also: in SC2, when you selected a destination star on the map, it told you how much fuel it would take to get there so you knew if you could do it and make it back. In Origins, there's no such feature, so you're flying blind. I can't tell you how many times I ran out of fuel yesterday because of this. 

These aren't exactly bugs, but they strongly affect playability. Would love to see these addressed in the next build.