Star Control

Non Stop Game Freeze\Crash during Lander Interations

Published on Sunday, September 23, 2018 By Isox2121 In Star Control Tech Support

Hi Stardock Support,

I am experiencing non stop freezing\crashing during most lander missions.  First evening I crashed a few times, however my save if about 4 hours old and now i freeze within seconds of landing on a planet to collect minerals.  Its not hard crash in that the video freezed but i'm still able to "control" things and hitting esc actually can hear the audio of the lander taking off but then it will crash to desktop immediately.

Bought from GOG and have a Win 10, x64, NVIDIA 680GTX card, 16GB Ram, Intel i7-5930K @ 3.5GHz, so my specs look to be fine. 

Have tried the troubleshooting including setting auto page file managing and not, but same issue regardless.  Need some help here please.