Star Control

How do I skip all the boring stuff?

Published on Sunday, September 23, 2018 By Sporknuggets In Star Control

Steam refused to fulfill my refund request, so now I've either got to figure out a way to make Star Control not suck or admit Stardock finally made a terrible game and be out 40 bucks.

I'd rather do the former. I loved GalCiv 2, GalCiv 3, Sins of a Solar Empire, and Ashes of the Singularity. I've always enjoyed and been impressed with Stardock games, so when I saw the teasers and trailers, and heard about the basic concept of Star Control: Origins it all seemed pretty great.

I was expecting to play a game about meeting funny aliens, forging alliances, creating a federation, and doing a lot of arcade style space ship shooting.

Instead I got a game that is only about 10% of all those things, and 90% landing on planets, driving around in a rover, collecting resources, and not shooting stuff. Mass Effect tried that; everyone hated it, so they abstracted it to something much faster and easier in the sequel.

So how do I skip all that boring stuff and get to the part of the game that is actually good? Is there going to be an update that drops a zero from the price of every ship and lander upgrade and doubles the maximum speed and turning of the Vindicator? Is there a mod that already does this? Cheat codes?


Help me out here. When I'm not driving the lander or staring off into hyperspace between star systems I'm actually having good time. Unfortunately those two activities occupy at least nine tenths of play time. I'd really like to invert that percentage.