Star Control

Commander of Uncanny Valley

Published on Monday, September 24, 2018 By Xanom In Star Control Ideas/Wishes

Brief bit of feedback, and sorry it's a complaint.

On the initial briefing with the commander, and she manages to land right in uncanny valley.  Her animations are quite good, which unfortunately highlights where they don't quite fit.

  • body language, posture, etc are mostly very convincing
  • mouth sync just doesn't quite work.  Her cheeks occasionally contract overly deeply when speaking (see 'w' sounds as her mouth purses), and her mouth doesn't seem to quite sync with the words when speaking quickly.
  • when I asked if the Lexites were dangerous, she delivers the line "so, yes?" without any hint of a shrug, and yet both the text and tone of speaking caused me to expect it.

(Broadly speaking, I'm chuffed to be playing a "new" Star Control, and the music, etc captures the vibe of the original perfectly.  I just wanted to capture these thoughts while I noticed them.

Also, when I saw the commander's ship flying to the station, I couldn't help but briefly visualise "bad tactical positioning" )