Star Control

Steam rating and and having had prepurchased the game.

Published on Monday, September 24, 2018 By Fuine In Star Control

I kinda warned you guys about the dangers of a game without a really big open full game beta.  The first hours I was excited about a new star control game but the  initial momentum of the excitement got me thru the continue playing for sometime. The first time i launced the game the rating in steam was around %90ish. Yesterday it was 75 and now it is 73 and it will continue to drop. As people play the game they understand the game in really unfinished. Hence people put bad reviews. I love star control games and i love most of your games and nearly have all of them on steam but seeing this unfinished game being released made me really sad.

The interface is really really bad. You can click the journal and it autopilots to the world but the when you click on the objective that tells you to go to a homeplanet it doesnt auto pilot you. Info on values of weapons are not show anywhere at all (damage, range, rate of fire, energy consumption etc.). When you autopilot somewhere there should be an indicator that shows where you are going on autopilot. And also really annoyingly whenever i set autopilot to somewhere as soon as i enter the menu to check something else, the autopilot drops and i have to set it again.  And Outfit part of the the shipyard menu is not user friendly. You should be able to drag modules to other slots that are compatible with the module.  Objective menu, and captain's log should have a search feature that filters words. Sector maps should be able to be used to find races home star systems that you have discovered. Also there should be quest markers on the map to show you where the quests are.

Also as for gameplay, there should be a storage facility in the Sol that you can put stuff you dont want to sell at the moment and dont want to carry around with your ship.

Storyline is ok but far from grasping.

Planet exploration is goodish but i have been to hunderds of planets the aliens on the planet are just 3-4 type. Nothing else.

Combat is the only good part and complete part of the game.