Star Control

Star Control Origins v1.02 (Released 10/03)

Published on Tuesday, October 2, 2018 By shaw In Change Logs


Greetings!  We are working on a balance and stability patch for you.  We've increased the number of resources found on select worlds and made the drones a bit less deadly.  Also, we've fixed some crashed related to landing on planets. Please read below for details:


  • Quasi-Degenerate world toxicity decreased slightly.
  • A couple of the starting planets have more resources.
  • Yttrick Planet is wealthier
  • Actinide planets are richer.
  • Opalescent planet class is richer with better minerals (it's a pretty rare planet and it's so pretty).
  • Sapphire planets have more mineral spawn points.
  • Added some new mineral spawn points for craters.
  • Reduced difficulty of Scryve Juggernaut (non-boss) and Xraki boss battles.
  • Your allies recognize the threat better and will share ships with you more cheaply.
  • Lowered damage of planetside Drones
  • Cloud hazards do less damage but have a larger area of effect
  • Boosted AI fleet coordinator
  • Great Void starbase and Drakend starbases now have a fuel module to buy.
  • Star labels of visited systems are greyed out in the sector map list.
  • Tweaked the "visited system" label colors.
  • Slight camera improvement for the lander.
  • Reduced the number of critters and hazards on Organic worlds

Bugs / Perf.

  • Fixed crashes reported by users
  • Reduced Memory usage while saving
  • Fix for the Menkmack Ear Schemer not being spawned if you come by this quest from another direction
  • Fixed for low machines crashing on planets with heavy visual effects (e.g. Venus)
  • Improved perf of the end battle on low machines
  • Improved perf for worlds with lots of vegetation.