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Multiverse DLC - MOD access on GOG not available - Steam workshop only?

Published on Monday, October 29, 2018 By egallagher In Star Control

I installed the Multiverse DLC on the GOG version today  - and it is completely empty.
So , I am gathering from the answer posted below, that anyone who purchased SC:O on GOG is out of luck when it comes to utilizing the Multiverse DLC and all the parts that go along with it in regards to MOD sharing.  We will only be able to create new ships, buildings, adventures for use by ourselves. There will be no way for us to download anything created by the SC:O community at large.
Is this correct? If so, this is not what is advertised on GOG when purchasing the game. I paid the same full price as Steam. It should have been made clear when purchasing the GOG version that game would be using the Steam workshop and these features would not be available in the GOG version of the game. If this is true then I will be contacting GOG and pushing for a refund on this basis so I can purchase the Steam version.
My copy of Star Control: Origins was purchased on GOG
Can I download this Bounty Hunter mod here to play it or do I have to download it somewhere else?
Kael  [developer]
Unfortunately GoG doesn't have workshop support so this is only available for steam builds