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NEW "Earth Rising" for Star Control: Origins is Now Available!

Published on Tuesday, December 11, 2018 By Tatiora In Star Control News

Establish humanity on the galactic scene among their
newfound friends - and enemies in this 4-part expansion

The story of Star Control: Origins continues today with Earth Rising, a 4-part expansion that covers humanity's expansion into the galaxy. Part 1: Aftermath is available to play today, while the other 3 parts will release over the next 6 months.

In Aftermath, Star Control has ordered the construction of a new Star Control base in Epsilon Trireme. Not every alien is happy about the prospect of an expanding human empire, however, and already the efforts there have run into trouble.

Meanwhile, a group of suspiciously helpful aliens have informed you of a potential new ally: the Gloosh, who are, quite possibly, the laziest aliens in the universe. On top of it all, a new enemy appears in the shadows, one who seems to have their own long history with humanity...

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Major Features in Aftermath

New Quests

Aftermath includes six new major quests, including several large, multi-stage quest chains, that chronicle the beginning of humanity’s first steps onto the galactic stage. Some of these quests are available during the main campaign, while some others take place after the main adventure is completed, so there’s something for everyone whether you’re just starting out or have already beaten the game.

Star Control: Origins - Earth Rising


New Alien Faction

Located in a previously undiscovered region of space, the Gloosh are almost unbelievably slow moving, lazy aliens. It’s honestly astounding that they’ve managed to survive in such a harsh region of the galaxy. But, the Observers - shifty as they are - seem to think that they’d make good allies for your cause, so surely there’s more to them than meets the eye...

Star Control: Origins - Earth Rising


New Ships

The Gloosh, Lexite, and Kzanti factions have all had new ships added, some of which can even be recruited for the player’s fleet. The Kzanti have also somehow managed to obtain themselves a massive new Factory Ship, which, as is so often the case, is probably going to need to be destroyed during a long and dramatic battle.

Star Control: Origins - Earth Rising


New Precursor Mysteries

Throughout the main campaign, events will cause Precursor Starbases to restore power to their multi-manifold sensor systems. These systems have revealed the location of a number of new items of interest throughout the galaxy, including ancient (and recent!) relics.

Star Control: Origins - Earth Rising


More is on the way!
Following Aftermath, three more parts will release. Purchasing the Earth Rising expansion will
give access to each part as they become available.

Part 1: Aftermath (Now Available)  |  Part 2: The Lexites (Winter 2019)

Part 3: The Syndicate (Spring 2019)  |  Part 4: Earth Rises (Summer 2019)

Get Earth Rising on Steam and play Aftermath right away!