Star Control

My first Designed Ship...

Published on Saturday, December 8, 2018 By Tyrax Lightning1613 In Star Control

I got my first Ship Build done after searching YouTube for Ship Designer Tutorial Vids, but came up empty... so I went in blind, worked at it, & here's my first Creation: [url=]Mysterious Recon Drone[/url]

Unsure how much or little well I did at it. Especially didn't know what I was doing with the "Mount Points"... What in the halibut does putting certain kinds in certain places do...? Why won't the Interface tell me how many I can put down...? Does where I put them & what direction they point even matter? Is it considered Bad Design to leave them visible instead of burying them in something to hide them...?

Also, how do I tell how much Energy & HPsCrew the Design is able to hold...?

Wouldn't say no to Feedback. Many thanks for your time in advance.


P.S. This Forum's lack of BBCode Support is disappointing... *Insert Tywom Cry Emote here...*