Star Control

BUG? - Earth Rising

Published on Wednesday, December 12, 2018 By Eversoule In Star Control Tech Support

1. Shortly after starting Earth Rising I got a call to check out Mars.  Once there I'm told there are a bunch of drones on the surface, but no drones are visible from orbit nor can they be found after landing.  If I try to approach the colony I'm told I have to clear out the drones first.  But I've searched and searched and there is not a single drone on Mars!

2.  I'm asked to help a colony of Mukay in the Beta Horos system.  I went there once, checked out the 8th planet (and all the rest), interacted with the lone Mukay Grasper in the system but, nothing happened that helped the quest along.  I left the system, thinking maybe something would show up later, and when I returned, all of the planets had gone missing.  They just disappeared, no orbit lines or anything.  There is now just a star.

Any ideas?